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In October 2020 I found myself afraid.

Very afraid.

At how utterly dependent and enmeshed I’d become with the FB communication streams. I saw that literally, if FB were to shut me down, I’d lose touch with nearly everyone I knew.


Then I bumped into Locals. And it’s how we find ourselves here :)

Planet Andrea - Doing Life as Yourself with the Guidance of Human Design Locals is what I like to call, part of an ecosystem.

It’s a hub of various posts from me as well as the excellent people who arrive and either grab a temporary Visa as a read-only member or take up more permanent residence by becoming a supporter.

Here’s the thing -

I’m not for everybody.

Neither are you.

If you find value (and maybe want to bring something to snack on from time to time too) - welcome!

Of particular interest is my umbrella brand -

Doing Business as Yourself - it’s all about creating personal autonomy through digital income streams, which is heavily supported/guided by a view through the lens of Human Design.

YOUR Human Design.

Classical Human Design … not the new-agey “gonna manifest my life” baloney.

Not that a good life, an abundant life isn’t possible - it totally is.

We’re just not gonna get there letting our minds make our decisions for us.

I also LOVE to laugh. You’ll come to know how much and what brings a giggle. Yes, memes that make me laugh are always welcome.

Totally love to EAT (and dream about but not necessarily cook) delicious food.

Feel dang passionate about free speech too - currently things like:

  • Critical Race Theory in particular can be openly discussed here… it’s a train wreck and I’m happy to tell you what I see wonky about it.

  • Covid no problem - I’m what I would call a ‘convenience masker’ at this point. Prefer not to, but am not gonna fight any gatekeepers over it.

  • Unschooling - am completely un-religious but fully favor the idea of school choice … public education forgets who their customer really is without some measure of market pressure imho.

  • What else … I’m sure there’s other topics that are not spoken of in certain circles

Chihuahuas … I’m on a chihuahua kick these days. Used to be huskies.

Oh - Crypto trading - that pops in from time to time too - relative to my adventures in creating income streams via the computer.

Am also historically art-trained - I went to that school the movie “Fame” was based on, studied photography and printmaking in college and later got into glass as my medium - ran the craftshow circuit for about 15 years.

Well, that’s possibly enough about me :)

Will be cool to hear what floats your boat!

It’s my absolute pleasure to have you here.

And looking forward to connecting.

Let’s see what happens next :)

Andrea <3

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